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4 Tips For Your First Facebook Live Video

Creating a Facebook live video can seem intimidating at first. Trust me, I felt the same way too. But, through my own experiences, here are a few tips to creating your first Facebook live video.

1. Plan Ahead For Your First Facebook Live Video

You know what your ideal clients are searching for. So, plan to have something of real value to give to them. This can be something you talk about, something you give away, or a special offer for Facebook live viewers only. Watch other people who have already created Facebook live videos and learn what to do (and what not to do).

2. Send Out A Reminder

Everyone is very busy. It’s a good idea to send out an email reminder and a Facebook post reminding your fans to join you on Facebook live. The idea is you want them to join you while your video is posting live!

3. Practice First

I’ve seen crazy things happen with other people’s Facebook live videos. Sometimes they don’t realize how huge their eyeball looks when they pull their phone too close to their face. Remember, every movement is live, so test how far away you need to place your phone to get a comfortable frame for other to look at. Choose a location that has a nice background without any distracting ambient noises.

4. Remember To Interact

Because Facebook live videos are live and actively in front of viewers, remember to interact with your viewers. Ask them to give you a “thumbs up” or add a comment into the video live comment section to let you know they are watching. You will be able to see their name and comments while your live video feed is running. Remember to smile, have fun and be yourself.

Watch My First Facebook Live Video

Stephanie Hines Facebook Live First Video

Just like you, I’m an entrepreneur who is willing to test the latest technology to achieve interaction with my ideal clients.

* Watch my first Facebook Live Video

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