Stephanie Hines Coaching

Hello! I’m Stephanie Hines…

As a business coach, it’s my passion to help entrepreneurs achieve results in their business that they have always dreamed of and sooo deserve.

I love working with entrepreneurs like YOU because I am a serial entrepreneur myself. I came out of the womb unemployable. As a 4th generation entrepreneur Business naturally oozes out of me!

For over 2 decades now, I have been a successful entrepreneur, owning numerous businesses in a variety of industries. (some successful and some complete belly-flops!)

Most importantly I have helped my client’s scale their businesses into six, seven, and even eight-figure businesses, too! (I sometimes wonder myself how I do it, but there is something inside me that I just know business!)

Many entrepreneurs go into business because they have a natural gift or talent. Once they are in business they experience short-lived success before quickly realizing their biggest roadblock is the business side.

Well, my natural gift, talent and PASSION is business.

I spent more than 25 years running my own businesses, consulting and training. I knew I had a gift and talent for helping entrepreneurs overcome their barriers to success. My motto is to simplify all the complicated business and marketing aspects of our businesses into simple systems that a 5th grader could understand.

Business Coach Strategies and Systems

With my business strategies, systems and tools I help business owners shorten their learning curve to create a successful business.(Infused with a ton of FUN!)

I started this business to truly help entrepreneurs let their natural gifts and talents shine in their business and create the lifestyle owning your own business promises.

My goal is to help entrepreneurs fill the gap from where they are now to where they want to be in their business. As busy entrepreneurs, we are working 10x harder to make less money. My coaching clients make 10x more income and work less! So they can enjoy their journey of success. The joy is in the journey!

I believe entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of our communities and economy. My team and I care deeply about you and equipping you, with the business skills and tools that get you results quickly. Then there are no more excuses only RESULTS!

I share my systems and strategies in three ways:

  1. I work one-on-one with you to laser focus on your business getting BIG Results Quick!
  2. In my  Reignite Coaching Programs, you master specific topics and areas most challenging in business.
  3. Through my masterminds, you build your business side by side with other professionals, sharing each other’s goals, resources, tapping into their wisdom, (like having your own board of directors).

Whenever I offer a new program or uncover a juicy nugget of knowledge, I share it in my newsletters!
(Subscribers always get the scoop first. They also get 1st dibs on any promotions I am running!)

Professional Bio

As a business coach and marketing coach, Stephanie Hines is the whole package! She has over two decades as a serial entrepreneur, consultant & coach. Most importantly with real-life, in the trenches business experience, her approach is radically different.

Stephanie appreciates, and shares with listeners, her step by step customized approach to building and growing a successful business.

Stephanie Hines is known as “A Business Owner’s Secret Weapon”.

She has a girl next door personality, enthusiasm, and passion that ignites her listeners!

Stephanie’s conversational techniques, infused with real-life stories enables her to engage and connect with her audience on an intimate and individual level.

Stephanie guides entrepreneurs into transforming their mindset, then shows them step by step strategies and systems that help them go from surviving to thriving businesses!

Female Entrepreneur With A Surfer Swagger

People know me as a professional female entrepreneur and business coach.  What they don’t know is that at heart,  I am a Georgia girl,  surfer, dog-lover, and hard-worker.

I am most proud of being the mother to two amazing boys (who are now in their 20’s)!  I also have a natural talent and gift for business and marketing (it oozes out of me!).

As a 4th Generation Entrepreneur, owning my first business, a nail salon when I was eighteen, to real estate investing, to a custom motorcycle paint company and everything in between. My businesses have taught me more valuable lessons as an entrepreneur than I have time to share in (most) blog posts.

That’s because I’m part business strategist, part marketing maven and part hold your feet to the fire and get-it-done. Not to mention, the fun girl next door meets business world with a side of surfer swagger. (Read more about my professional side)

I love spending time with my family, laughing so hard my belly hurts, trail riding in my Jeep, and surfing our amazing coasts! I absolutely love my diggity dogs, hanging by the bonfire with friends and a glass of red wine. Oh and sometimes I unwind by watching one of BRAVO’s reality shows.

So that’s my story! (see, I’m not just all business and no play!)

If you would like to see what my business and entrepreneurial skills and talents can do for you, Schedule a Complimentary Strategy Session!

Life is what you make it Live in the moment, and savor every experience.

Loving Life,

Stephanie Hines