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Are You A Facebook Lurker

Have you been guilty of being a facebook lurker?

A Facebook Lurker is someone that passively trawls Facebook, but doesn’t leave a Facebook footprint by writing on walls, commenting or liking things.

If so, you are wasting valuable time that you could be engaging with your ideal clients, creating those relationships by commenting, sharing, liking and generating business! It’s time to stop the madness. But first you have to come clean. In order to change a habit, you have to acknowledge you have one.

I used to be a Facebook Lurker too!

Facebook lurker - 5 day ultimate Facebook Challenge

Yep! Guilty as charged! I was a Facebook lurker too! Then, I decided to spend all that valuable time I spent watching others grow their business on Facebook and come out of the shadows and generate business myself from Facebook. I have created a free training called “The Ultimate 5-Day Facebook Challenge” in which I use Facebook Live Video to help you uncover the secrets to outranking your competition on Facebook, strengthen your credibility and relationships, and generate business from your Facebook page! I give you step-by-step instructions on how to get it done.

Getting Training To Use Facebook More Effectively

The idea behind this training is to get you away from lurking on Facebook and help you become an engaged participant on the social media platform. In addition, you won’t need to be on Facebook all the time in order to have your ideal clients to find you. I give you tips on how you can have people liking your page, responding to your posts, and have a social media schedule to follow so you don’t have to live on Facebook!

Let this be the time you decide to take action and FINALLY use Facebook as a vital part of your business. You no longer need to be a Facebook lurker because you’ll have the tools to effectively use it for your business connections and relationships. And I will be there to keep you accountable and guide you through it!

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