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Are You Breaking Social Media Etiquette?

Are you guilty of breaking social media etiquette without even knowing about it? Social media etiquette is a simply set of customary codes of polite behavior. But, because social media is “casual communication”, it’s easy to forget our manners. So, let’s brush up on your social media etiquette before you plan your social media marketing:

Don’t misuse someone’s info

One of my biggest “pet peeves” is when someone takes my email address and simply subscribes, it to a newsletter or email campaign without my permission. It’s like snatching a pen out of my hand when I’m writing. You probably wouldn’t do it in real life, so please remember etiquette. Don’t add someone’s email address to your newsletter or email campaign without asking permission first. This goes for Facebook groups too. Invite someone to join your group, but don’t just add them to your group. An invitation goes a long way and most people would be more than happy to join, if you simply ask them.

Don’t leave me hanging

These types of posts are “I’m feeling sad today?” or “Worst Day Ever!” that have no further explanations. These posts remind me of a toddler demanding attention by sulking in the corner. Don’t leave me hanging, elaborate if it’s worth posting so I can offer support if needed.

Don’t share too much

Think carefully about the content you post on social media. Your business coworkers, business associates and prospective clients don’t want to know that you forgot to put on underwear when you went out last night! Posts on social media are public domain, and therefore can be seen by anyone, at any time, even if it’s 5 years after you did the post.

Don’t unknowingly offend anyone

Social media is about community, sharing and discussion. But, if you make posts about religious or political beliefs, it makes everyone feel uncomfortable. And, often, you’ve created a space for a heated argument without any resolution. Rather, stick to subjects that everyone can relate to. Your goal is to generate opinions, shares and comments without offending anyone.

Don’t continuously complain

Sure, you can share when something tragic has happened in your life, like the passing of a loved one. But, we have so much negativity in our lives already. Your viewers will get tired of seeing your post and comments if they have always have a negative tone. Examples can be:

  • “Who ordered the rain? Now I have to deal with the carpel tunnel again.”
  • “Same ol, same ol?”, “is it 5 o’clock yet?”
  • “It’s lunch time. I waiting 45 minutes in line for my Chick-fil-A today #ugh!”

What does the coach say about etiquette?

Strive to build rapport and credibility with your social media fans and avoid breaking these social media etiquette rules. If you are in doubt about posting something, I always think about a 90 year old grandma. If you would not say it or display it in front of your her, you should not post it on any social media platform.

This is a fun topic we discuss in my? social media workshop!

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