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DIY Mastermind vs Joining A Mastermind Group

As a female entrepreneur, you know how difficult it is to create a balance of work and family life. And, it comes as no surprise that often we hit a brainstorming “brick wall”. But, who can we turn to for help and guidance? Who can help alleviate that stuck feeling? Who can we trust with our failings and frustrations?

Not all masterminds are alike. You can attempt to create your own support group that may reduce your frustrations for a while. But, oftentimes, it feels like we are burdening our friends and families with our business struggles. And, let’s face it. How much can they really help you get unstuck in your specific situation? So, let me propose a solution that will give you the “jump start” you’re looking for.

A Solution To Your Business Struggles

Joining a mastermind group is like having your own board of directors that help you brainstorm solutions to your individual business struggles. They learn about your business. They strategize for and with you. They provide a type of think-tank-brain-power that you cannot get by yourself. They cheer you on by holding you accountable and establish an action plan. A mastermind gets you excited to deal with the frustrations and “brain-blocks” you have been avoiding.

The Value of a Business Coach in Mastermind Groups

As a business coach and mastermind facilitator, I bring a unique benefit. I specialize in asking the right questions to get the most out of each member in the mastermind. I’m able to dig deeper to determine the root of the problem and help you simplify the process to build a solution that’s right for you. You would be amazed at the results you’ll get from having a dedicated group of business professionals that can share their own experiences and offer their perspective to your unique problem.

What I love about the mastermind groups I put together is that we create a place where it’s safe to feel vulnerable and unsure of yourself. It’s the place you canopenly say, I just don’t know how to handle this situation. Other entrepreneurs at your mastermind can relate to your difficulty and they are equipped and willing to offer you solutions you haven’t thought about yet. Everyone share. Everyone learns from each other. Everyone benefits. Every business grows!

The Next MasterMind Is For YOU!

Our upcoming mastermind group is now accepting application for a mastermind. If you’re ready to make an impact on your business, click here! Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the power of a mastermind and how it can transform your business and life!
Stephanie Hines