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90 Day Goal Setting To Double Your Revenue in 2022

Ever find yourself asking:

“How are they so successful?”

“What are they doing that I am not?”

“What am I missing to get those kinds of results?”

I found myself asking that same questions. Whenever I feel stumped by something or feel things are too hard, I always resort back to the basics. I simplify things and look back at a time when I felt successful and I was getting results. When I reflect back on the years that I was least successful, I realize it was because I didn’t have clearly, written goals. You may be thinking, Really, that’s the advice you came up: written goals? Wait. Just hear me out.

What I Learned Talking With Successful People

When I started talking to my mentors and successful business owners, they all seemed to know off-the-top-of-their-head, down to the exact-dollar-amount of income, what their ultimate income would be for the year and each step they would take to get there. I mean, they had figured out the details of what they needed in new clients and new business each month in order to reach their goal. Such specific achievement goals made me realize that knowing how to achieve your goals is more valuable that having an arbitrary number as a final result. In my experience as a coach, I’ve noticed that my clients struggle to define their goals. Sometimes, they aim so high in ultimate goals that they, themselves, don’t believe they are able to achieve those goals. Others haven’t an idea what their results should be or even how to aim towards them.

Backing Into Your Goals

So, knowing the difficulties that entrepreneurs face and identifying how success is achieved, I have developed my own goal setting process. My philosophy revolves around backing into your goals. Does it work? Absolutely! And I know this because my clients are using my strategy, staying on tracking, getting results, reaching their goals and in some case, even exceeding them.

Results Of Small Building Blocks

Backing into your goals is one of the biggest step you can take in growing your business. This involves identifying where you want to be on your success journey and creating small enough successful steps along the way. Each step should be a building block toward the final goal, and you should be able to recite where you are on this journey, what successes you’ve already had and what more you have to overcome. I am sure you have heard the quote, the journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step. As entrepreneurs, we long for instant gratification and we tend to take aim at mile marker 1,000 before we have planned out how to take the first step (and any other step in between).

I’ve Made It Easy To Get Those Results Fast!

Double Your Results DownloadI challenge you to try something new. I’m offering you my “Double Your Results” action plan as a starting point to “back into your goals”. This is how you take your first step towards your achievable business goals. And, before you know it, you’ll be well on your way toward that 1,000 mile marker and living the business life you always dreamed you could have.

Stephanie Hines