Stephanie Hines Coaching

Female Entrepreneur With Surfer Swagger

People know me as a professional female entrepreneur and business coach. What they don’t know is that at heart, I am a Georgia girl, surfer, dog-lover, and hard-worker.

I have been married to my soul mate for over 20 years and I am most proud of being the mother to two amazing teen boys! I also have a natural talent

and gift for business and marketing (it oozes out of me!).

As a 4th Generation Entrepreneur, owning my first business, a nail salon when I was eighteen, to real estate investing, to a custom motorcycle paint company and everything in between. My businesses have taught me more valuable lessons as an entrepreneur than I have time to share in (most) blog posts.

That’s because I’m part business strategist, part marketing maven and part hold your feet to the fire and get-it-done. Not
to mention, the fun girl next door meets business world with a side of surfer swagger. (Read more about my professional side)

I love spending time with my family, laughing so hard my belly hurts, trail riding in my Jeep, and surfing our amazing coasts! I absolutely love my diggity dogs, hanging by the bonfire with friends and a glass of red wine. Oh and sometimes I unwind by watching one of BRAVO’s reality shows.

So that’s my story! (see, I’m not just all business and no play)

If you would like to see what my business and entrepreneurial skills and talents can do for you, Learn More.

Life is what you make it. Live in the moment, and savor every experience.

Loving Life,