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Is Your Life Pushing You Towards Your Dreams?

I sit back and giggle a little at the power of momentum. Life has a way of directing our path by pushing us towards or away from our goals. I had a first-hand experience with this momentum and I wanted to share it with you.

Your Office Is Flooded

Just the other week, I was experiencing all kinds of push back from life. So many negative things were happening at once. My assistant had quit. My new website was delayed. My social media marketing was completely forgotten about. Oh, and then I got a call from my landlord that the tech guy accidentally feel on the fire sprinkler in the attic flooding our office! “This is NOT” how I envisioned life in 2016!

A Million Terrible Scenarios

So, all my appointments, coaching sessions and dinner meetings were put on immediate hold as I rushed to rescue everything I could from my office. My thoughts raced in my head about how much I was going to lose to the water damage. From where on earth was I going to run my business? How many folders, books and documents would be drenched in water? Did I leave anything in my office that is vital to my business? survival? Like every tired, and frustrated business woman, I dreamed up a million terrible scenarios in my mind and dreaded the damage I’d walk into.

My Life: A Computer and A Snoring Dog

I always believe their is a bigger picture, but as my wonderful husband and sons came to my rescue and helped me salvage the dry items like business boxes, folders, and furniture and assigned me temporarily to our home, it was hard to believe this was the bigger picture.

My coaching sessions became Skype meetings with my snoring dog in the background, and face-to-face meetings were reluctantly conducted within a busy Starbucks. Not the ideal situation for any entrepreneur who has dreams of bigger and better for her business. But, it got me thinking. Maybe there is a silver lining to all this frustration. Maybe “life” was pushing me towards my dreams just a little faster than I had anticipated. Maybe this was an unnoticed opportunity and not a complete failure.

Just several days later as I was driving to meet a client, it came to me. I needed a bigger office space to fulfill my goals for this year. That was the bigger picture!

Life and Its Silver Linings

Within a week I had secured a new, bigger office space, closer to home and Stephanie Hines Coaching moved! It all happened so quickly and I never doubted for a second that there was a bigger plan, I just could not have envisioned this was it and so fast.

Your business hopes and dreams are kept in balance by how you perceive them. Don’t allow a setback to hold you frozen and stuck. Dry out all that got drenched and keep moving forward towards your goals! If you’re having trouble in that stuck feeling with your business, let me help you envision that bigger plan to fulfill your goals and dreams. My MasterMind Program is a coaching program that supports you in times like these, reaching out to other entrepreneurs for accountability, support and to get your business back on track quickly!

Stephanie Hines