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List of Positive Attributes: What You Focus on Expands

Have you focused on the problem and the negative impact it has had on you or your business for so long that you keep getting the same result?

“I can’t pay my bills”
“My business is stuck and I have been in the same situation forever”
“Some of my clients are always so negative and expect so much.”

Can you relate to any of those or similar thoughts? Sometimes we forget to look for the good in people or situations and appreciate the list of positive attributes they have.

There is a way to break out of those negative thought patterns that keep giving you more of what you don’t want.

Shifting your attention from the negative to positive attributes of any situation or relationship will change how it shows up in your life. (And yes there is always a list of positive attributes to focus on, even though we might not see it at that time).

You can choose to do this List of Positive Attributes practice 10 minutes a day.

(Just remember the more you do it, the more things you find to appreciate and you begin to see your business, relationships, and life from a positive perspective shifting it in a positive direction.)

The concept is to take the challenging situations, relationships or subject that you might be struggling with. Then focus on all the positive thoughts you can come up with about that person or subject and write that list of positive attributes down! (The better it gets, the better it gets, right!)

The more we appreciate what we have the more it will expand!

You can begin with a sheet of paper (or even have a notebook titled, List of Positive Attributes) and at the top of the paper put the subject you would like to change your thoughts around. I suggest you do this first thing in the morning before you begin your day. It is best to start from a fresh new perspective.

MONEY: To shift from thoughts of lack to appreciation, look at what you have in your life, begin with asking these questions:

  • When in my life have I felt abundant? How did that feel?
  • Appreciate the money other people have.
  • Money shows up in all different forms, be aware of unexpected money that shows up or has shown up in your life and how you felt? This could be in the form of a gift someone gave you, your favorite pair of jeans you bought on sale, saving $25 in coupons, or even finding a quarter on the ground are all signs of your abundance and what is possible for you. Don’t let these events go unnoticed or appreciated instead write a list of positive attributes.

Life is an Echo: What you send out comes back what you sow you reap. What you give you get. What you see in others exists in you.


BUSINESS: Every business owner is looking to grow their business in some form. For instance if you are looking to attract your ideal clients into your business. Clients you love working with so much you jump out of bed in the morning.

  • Think of the attributes you like most of your favorite clients (high paying client that pay promptly, appreciates and values what you offer, refers friends and get the idea) and then write the list of positive attributes down.
  • List any additional qualities you would like your ideal clients to possess: if you are expanding internationally maybe it is an international client.

Celebrate achievements in your business, opportunities, times you have felt on purpose and truly feel you were utilizing your unique gifts and talents.


RELATIONSHIPS: The best way to improve your relationships in your life (and with yourself) is to:

  • Appreciate the qualities, characteristics, quirks you love about that person.

Imagine if someone wrote a list of positive attributes about you. How would that make you feel? Appreciated, loved, and you would want to be around that person who brings out those traits in you. Why wait? You can write a list of positive attributes for yourself and you will expand into more of that person!

My challenge to you
is to try writing a list of positive attributes for 30 days and experience the positive effects this will have in your business, life and relationships!

Something as simple as this, that only takes 10 minutes a day, can stop the negative patterns that have been present for years and you can start receiving the results you have been looking for.

In my life and business it is all about the basics and simplicity- that is where transformation always seems to happen for me. This is one of those practices that have worked through the years for me, my family and clients.

I hope the List of Positive Attributes practice helps you to experience positive shifts and growth in your business, relationships & your life, too!

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xoxo Stephanie




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