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Marketing ?YOU??Your Best Shot


When it was time for me to get my headshot, I frantically searched through Pinterest looking for any tips I could find on makeup, slimming poses, what to wear, how to do my hair, anything to make me look my best. Then, I stopped and took a deep breath and put it all in perspective. I was making way too much out of this photo session.

My inner voice said, “Stephanie,” approach this just like you do your marketing, go back to the basics, focus on your benefits, and have fun! This truly is all about marketing yourself, letting your authentic self shine through. I knew how to do that; I could do that in my sleep!

Once I changed my mindset, from stressed out, feeling insecure, I brought myself back to the basics. A sense of relief came over me and I went from not having anything to wear, to miraculously having outfits in my closet I loved, I had a skip in my step, and I was ready for a fun photo shoot!

Keep it SIMPLE or as I say with my marketing strategies, “Keep It Simple & Sexy for Irresistible $uccess!” My confidence was off the charts after leaving my photo shoot! Everyone should have a photo shoot! You deserve it!

These are some tips and tricks I learned along the way and want to share with you!


  • Just like in marketing , keep it Simple. No sequined tops, beads, or any bedazzles or bling. “This is all about “You” So”, no distracting away from your beautiful self.
  • Bring a couple different outfits. A cute, fun outfit and a more professional outfit with a jacket (that can be used as a prop too!).
  • Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.


  • If you usually wear your hair straight, then wear it straight for your photo session. If you typically wear your hair curly, then curl it up!

Make-Up Tips:

  • Use a foundation that does not contain SPF. SPF makes your face look shiny in photos.
  • Apply a powder to set the makeup. It should preferably have a yellow base not a translucent powder. Powder should be applied lightly; you don’t want it to look caked on. This is the only part of the makeup you apply lightly.
  • Apply your makeup heavier or darker than usual. You may feel it is a little dramatic, but the camera will love it!
  • For your eyes, use flat, neutral colors, but darker shades so the camera picks up on it. (No shimmery eye shadow.)
  • Use black eyeliner for your eyes to stand out and look fuller. Be sure to apply it only 2/3 up the eyelid and blend it in with an eyeliner smudge tip.
  • You can use falsies or black mascara. I use Stiletto by Maybelline and love it! It will give you long, thick lashes.
  • Make sure all your lines are blended. From your blush to your eyeliner blend, blend, and blend.
  • For luscious lips, use a midtone lip color, Mac has a Twig color that is beautiful. Use a shade that is one or two shades darker than your natural lip color. No frosty colors or dark colors.

Smile Don’t be afraid to practice your smile. After I read that Tyra Banks practiced her smile so much that she could just turn it on for the cameras, I knew what I had to do. I never dreamed people practiced how to smile, but they do.

A couple pointers about your smile:

  • A natural smile is one where your top teeth touch your bottom lip, ever so slightly.
  • You can also put your tongue against the back of your top teeth when you smile.
  • A true smile involves your eyes. There is a distinct difference in someone who is putting on a phony smile, when you briefly see someone at the grocery store the quick smile you give, instead of the full on smile where your eyes are engaged. This is where our wrinkles around our eyes get the label, “smile lines”. You want your eyes engaged when you smile no grocery store smiles.
  • Most importantly, practice and do what feels and looks natural to, “You”.

It is so important to?be confident, have fun, and let your inner self shine through. You are beautiful inside and out.

Hiring a professional photographer is worth its weight in gold. Be sure to work with someone you feel comfortable with, who can put you at ease, have fun with, and who can capture those irresistible shots of you!

Cheers To Your Success,

xoxo Stephanie