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How To Repurpose Content For Greater Social Reach

I bet you’re someone who sits up all night thinking what am going to write about for my next blog? Many business owners dread the thought of having to come up with their own written material. Moreover, it’s pretty discouraging when only few readers providing feedback to your work.

Repurpose Content That is OLD

Don’t allow disappointments to prevent you from providing value content via social media platforms. Rather, repurpose content you have already created. Social media platforms like Pinterest exploded when marketers realized that a large percentage of viewers are visual learners. Viewers don’t want to have to read an article or blog. It takes too long! But, when communication is presented in easy-to-follow format, viewers will respond to it. This was the birth of audio and slideshow formats, video and infographics. So, pin this knowledge so you can extend your social media reach.

When thinking about reusing old blogs or articles, select evergreen content from your archives. Evergreen content is timeless and not dated or off trend. Also, you want to select repurpose content that has had likes and shares in your previous marketing efforts. That tells you what is popular. Combine similar themes blog posts and use audio or video to package them into a webinar or multi-part ebook.

Repurpose Content That is NEW

To repurpose content is not only about taking old stuff and transforming it into something new. In fact, new content can be repurposed too. For example, when you write a blog, also create an infographic, podcast or video from it at the same time. That way, you instantly extend the distribution of the main article by repurposing the format of the original content. It’s important to get training on how to use the social media platforms correctly. So, I offer a 5 day FACEBOOK Challenge training seminar that helps you start marketing immediately on Facebook.

Examples To Repurpose Content:

  • Turn blogs into videos or webinars
  • Turn blogs into infographics
  • Turn multiple blog posts into an ebook, guide or whitepaper
  • Turn blogs into podcasts
  • Turn blogs into Facebook Live Presentations
  • Turn statistics into twitter posts
  • Turn visual content into a Pinterest board
  • Turn images with quotes, statistics or facts into infographics

Therefore, you can create content and it can work better for you. Get started this summer with my Marketing Plan & Roadmap Workshop.


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