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How To Unlock Summer Rewards For Your Business

Summer rewards are normally filled with days at the pool and the ability to sleep in a few extra hours. In the summer, client projects dwindle, families go on vacation, and the kids are out of school. So, entrepreneurs can easily miss the potential to collect summer rewards for their business. Because many entrepreneurs take time to enjoy the summer months, by default, their business goals go “on hold”. But, there is so much more that the summer season can do for your business.

Just think about it. Everyone else is relaxing and doing very little to prepare for fall and winter business seasons. You can prepare by focusing on building your business with the extra time on your hands. So, with the available down time, I’m encouraging you to use your time wisely to plan out and execute some marketing & sales activities. As a result, these summer rewards that have big returns!

Summer Prepares For Business Success

And here’s the best part! Aside from not costing much money, and even if you do decide to get away for a few days, most of these suggestions can be done from the beach with an internet connection. Moreover, summer can be a great opportunity to revisit your business toolbox. Your business toolbox includes sharpening your skills, capabilities, technology, and marketing. Savvy small business owners realize they can use the downtime to make their business more successful. Here are some easy ways to take advantage of your summer seasons and reap those summer rewards:

1. Take one of my Summer Workshops to set goals, create marketing and establishing work-life balance.

2. Take my Facebook Challenge. In this 5 day course, you’ll do more for your Facebook marketing and social media presence than you have done over the last 5 months. I’ll teach you about setting up your Facebook profile and blogging. Plus, you’ll have accountability to achieve those goals.

3. Join a MasterMind. This 6 month programs helps entrepreneurs with challenges in their business as well as finding strategies for success from other business owners who have made it. You’ll have additional mastermind group sessions available for you to get more accomplished.

4. Learn Something New: Periscope. Each Tuesday at 9am I am on Periscope, I’ll be answering any of your business questions.

5. Organize and Systematize Your Business. The Perfect Planner for small business owners! As an entrepreneur and business coach myself, I designed this like no other planner by incorporating business, marketing and home life! It also has place for tracking social media, blogs & marketing efforts to get you organized.

Summer Rewards: The Bottom Line

Don’t let the lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer get you wasting the days away. Embrace the lull in your business to help build your company and launch you into Fall.

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