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Do You Spend Time Prioritizing Your Day?

Do You Spend Time Prioritizing Your Day?

How exactly do you prioritize when prioritizing is what causes you to lose track of time in the first place? I can speak from experience when I say prioritizing is worth the time! Whether you are super organized or a tad bit scatterbrained, prioritizing is for everyone and anyone that wants to succeed and grow within their business. You keep hearing and reading time and time again, just do it! Just prioritize!…Easier said than done. That’s why I want to walk you through just a few short steps into prioritizing, planning, and getting organized. And hey, you may even fall in love with prioritization.

Just real quick before we dive right in, prioritization is when you determine the order for dealing with a series of tasks based on the importance of them. This is very important to remember because you must put the most important tasks at the very top of your list. These are the tasks that focus on achieving your goals. (Always be thinking with the end in mind.)

Things to remember when moving forward with prioritizing:

  • Be Honest- Don’t set unattainable goals, be realistic.
  • Stay Open-Minded- Allow yourself to be flexible with priorities, as things will change
  • Flip the Switch- If you find yourself spending too much time on one task, take a break and switch to a new one. This way, you can finish up other tasks and you can always go back to that troubling priority.

Now we can break it down into smaller bits of information, that way you can wake up tomorrow morning and know exactly what to do! (Grab your notebook and favorite writing pen!)

  1. Jot it down. When you begin a fresh new day, write all the tasks down that you would like to achieve by the end of the day. (See Income producing activities)
  2. Do the big things first. The main thing with prioritizing is that you mix both big and small tasks, that way you aren’t spending all day on one task. However, you want to put the bigger priorities first. Maybe bold them or highlight them, that way if you don’t completely finish them, you know they’re still there.
  3. Disconnect yourself. You never want to prioritize while you are in the middle of a restaurant on your lunch break, or sitting on a bench outside of the mall. Pick a comfortable, quiet space to write out all of your thoughts. (Maybe close to an open-window for some fresh air). Also be sure to have your phone off or out of reach, because I know Facebook is just a click away!
  4. Stay confident. A lot of the time, when prioritizing, you get so frustrated and overwhelmed with yourself and your work, that the tasks all seem important and you don’t know where to begin. Check out my Time Management Blog on how to categorize your tasks into IPA and Non-IPA. But always keep reminding yourself that you are amazing at what you do! Every action you take is getting you that much closer to your goals. And some days we will be more productive than others, so no sweat!

I hope this is all sounding a bit easier and comfortable for you. I truly want to help and watch you succeed!

Share with us what works for you when you prioritize your tasks.

Stephanie Hines