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What Successful Business Women Do In The Mornings

Your morning routine is the #1 thing you can do


to have a PRODUCTIVE week!

All women have life and business obligations. But, successful business women have found a way to manage the balance of family obligations and continuing to push their business goals forward. For some of us, we may feel like we are in a rut and can’t seem to gain traction in keeping it all together. But, I have a few tips that might help you balance work and life in order to reach your business goals. It always starts with your morning routine.

My morning routine on a typical work day.

I wake up and do a rampage of gratitude while still lying in bed. I believe that we should be grateful for every waking moment, for all the things that are important to us and we should pause to give thanks before the craziness of the day begins. Then, I set my intentions for the day. What does that look like? I visualize it. I imagine all the tasks and duties I must accomplish for the day and “pre-play” them out in my head. It helps me unravel and straighten out the difficult things I have to tackle in the upcoming day. And then, YES, I make my coffee. Before drinking my coffee, I drink lemon water to wake up my digestive system (we all need signals to designate awake time). Next, I go outside to to my top deck, which feels like you’re inside a treehouse. I take in some fresh air & listen to nature while sipping my coffee. I overlook the tree tops and begin making notes in my Perfect Planner (yup, I use it everyday). I plan for all the things that I need to get accomplished for the day. Before I leave the deck and finish my last sip of coffee, I have a full map sketched out about how I will navigate the day. I include all the important business and personal things so I don’t miss anything.

The night before.

My morning routine seems simple, doesn’t it? In fact, yes, it is. But, that’s only a result of the night before. The night before routine is so valuable because it sets the tone for the morning routine. And, here’s how my night before goes.

I have a rule that I turn off electronics at least 1 hours before it’s time to sleep. That way, I can slowly soothe into that glorious sleep mode. Before falling asleep, I think about what I have achieved for the day. I think about what I’m grateful for and how much appreciate what went right for the day. I spend time in meditation so that I can relax my mind and relax my body. As I lie in bed, I envision a new day coming. I think about the wonderful things I can accomplish tomorrow. As deep breathing coaxes me to sleep, I look forward to tomorrow.

Over many years, I have tweaked and massaged this routine sequence because it has given me the best results for my life and business. If I deviate from this structure, there are usually consequences in delays, expectations, sleep deprivation, forgetfulness, you know what I’m talking about, right?

Notes from the coach.

If you want to feel like a success business woman, you have to start thinking about your morning routine. So much of your morning routine will affect your day and thus, your entire week.

1. Think of a time in the past when you enjoyed mornings and you felt like you were structured. Remember the routine around those morning and try to incorporate them into your week on a regular basis. That might mean going to be earlier or not watching a late night show. It might mean getting the kids to bed earlier. Whatever it is, begin to incorporate it into your schedule regularly and you’ll begin to see different results.

2. Schedule in time to do what helps you find peace. Do something that feeds your soul. It can be simple like walking the dogs or doing something in your garden. Find time to schedule that in your life on a regular basis.

Planning is 90% of the work. Once you have a plan in place, everything unfolds effortlessly.

I am always looking for ways to improve my morning routine and would love to hear what yours consists of!

Stephanie Hines




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