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Super Easy Way To Plan Your Social Media Marketing

I’m always looking for ways to create a more efficient way to get my social media marketing done. So, I’ve created a super easy plan! Because I believe that all your efforts should be facing the same direction, I highly recommend scheduling your marketing efforts even for social media posts.

I can hear your dread and see your eyes rolling.
I get it!
Creating Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google+ posts is the last thing on your priority list and when you think about it, you feel like you need a glass of wine before you can start to write a word. But, really, if you sit down and create a social media marketing plan that lays out exactly when, what and how often to post, your social media marketing gets super easy.

Here are my tips for preparing a social media calendar so you can easily keep up with it:

  1. Choose your most effective and engaging social media platforms.

    Choose the social media platforms that your ideal clients are using. You want to engage with your ideal clients. So if you focus on business owners, the top social media platforms you will find them on are Facebook, LinkedIn, Google. Then of those pick the platforms you are already using and that you enjoy. If you never use twitter and many of your potential customers don’t have time for twitter, skip it completely. When you focus on the social media accounts that give you traction with your ideal clients and you have fun using, you are more likely to keep up with your postings for your social media marketing. I think 1-3 accounts is a manageable amount.

  2. Decide what kind of content belongs on each social media account.

    Each social media platform is different and is focused on a different groups of people. If most of your clients and potential new clients follow you on Facebook, use that as your primary social media communication tool. Facebook viewers are attracted to photos, images and videos. So, give them more of what they will click on. Your objective with Facebook is to get likes, share and comments to obtain organic viewership. The rule of thumb for content is “80% inspirational or motivational and 20% service and products”. You will know what to post more of as you look at your Facebook insights and determine what posts you see more engagement with.

  • Decide how frequently you want to communicate with your ideal customer.

    Each platform suggests a different frequency. Twitter requires the most tweets, with up to 5 tweets per day. That’s because tweeters aren’t interested in reading an article. They want quick, fast, trendy information that they can pass along. Facebook may only need 1-2 posts per day.
    Here are some basic standards:

    • Facebook: 1-2 times a day
    • Twitter: at least 5 times a day
    • LinkedIn: 2-5 times per week
    • Google+: 2-5 times per week
    • Pinterest: 5-8 times per day
  1. Use a posting scheduler.

    Do you ever wonder how these businesses keep up with their social media posts and they go out like clock work? Well they use a tool called a social media post scheduler. This will take the chore out of remembering to post your social media stuff out every day. Instead, use this tool to input your posts, videos, articles, promotions and schedule when they go out once a week or even month. Put it in once and it will do the rest of the work for you. and are good options, in my opinion.

social media & marketing plan

For a limited time, download my free Template and start planning to communicate with your potential ideal clients. The more often they see you, the more likely they are to use your products or services when they have a need.

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