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The Power Of A Branding Board

Consistency in marketing is more than just staying consistent in the doing of your marketing. An equally important aspect of consistency is your brand consistency. Your ideal customers are judging your business based on “how put together you are”¬†and a lack of brand consistency is an avoidable bad impression.

Consistency In Branding

An easy way to overcome this brand consistency issue is to create a branding board. The power of a branding board is for all aspects of your business, not just your marketing pieces. You would use your branding board for business identity materials like business cards and letterhead as well as your online marketing media like website, social media profiles and email signatures. Social media posts should use the same fonts, colors and styles that are recognizable in your business. This helps prospects to remember who you are.

Create Your Own Branding Board

You might be thinking that branding and marketing are not part of your wheel-house. That’s ok. If you have a branding designer simply ask them for your branding board. Often times, it is included in your original branding service fees.? You can download and create your own powerful board with this Branding Style Guide Template.

Branding Board

What to Include in Your Branding Board:

  • What fonts and their sizes are part of your branding:
    • Headers
    • Subheaders
    • Content
    • Accent Font (optional)
  • The colors that are part of your branding.
  • Primary images that represent your brand:
    • Background patterns
    • Color patterns
    • Logo
    • Profile image
    • Signature image
  • How to use your logo and logo elements together

A branding board can become your best friend when you’re making your own social media posts. It offers you a place to go back to when you’re looking to keep the same identity, consistency and representation of your business.

Branding Board

Once you have created your branding board, keep it in an easy to reach place on your computer and refer back to it often. It is a useful tool to help increase sales when branding your products and services, too!

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