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Weekend of Silence: Recharge. Reconnect. Reflect.

Have you ever felt the urge to just get away, have a weekend of silence, “regain the best in you and to be just by yourself”. No one to talk to. Somewhere to quiet your mind. A place to connect with yourself again. Somewhere to get a little sleep.

Can You Relate?

You know exactly what I mean, right? But, this time, I decided to do something different about it. The noises in my head had just kept getting louder and it was getting harder to carry all those compounding thoughts with me everyday. The negative talk about:

  • “You work too much.”
  • “You should spend more time with your kids.”
  • “You’re gaining weight.”
  • “When are you going to finish all the unfinished projects you have?”
  • “You are working all the time and not getting anything accomplished.”
  • “You’re just spinning your wheels.”


It was a Wednesday evening and I shared my thoughts with my husband and boys. I told them that mom needs a weekend of silence and that I’m going away for the weekend with no talking, no phone, no TV because I need to reconnect, recharge and reflect. Well, they were in shock to think I could go hours without talking (it crossed my mind too). But they were quite supportive because they had noticed how worn out I had become. My youngest son said, “Are you sure, mom” You will probably really miss us. Can you really be quiet for a whole weekend?

But I was determined that something needed to change! So I took the plunge and called a secluded, quaint Resort and Spa up in the north Georgia mountains. I reserved a room for that weekend (when I decide on something, I do it right then!) and they reserved a private cabin away from the main resort. Oh, I remember how exhilarated I felt from the moment I drove up the tree-lined driveway, around the pond and up to the beautiful white Victorian house. I knew this was what I needed!

What Did I Discover?

To my surprise, silence is rejuvenating! I meditated, I hiked a trail in the misty rain, I took a nap, and I did a burning bowl ceremony that evening and cleared everything that I felt was holding me back (negative thoughts and feelings). My room was upstairs so I folded the paper up, hung my head out the bathroom window and burned all that negative stuff. The wind blew away every single ash and it felt so good! I felt lighter. The voices and noises in my head were so faint. I felt at peace and I felt so grateful that I listened to my intuition. This is a new year filled with new opportunities. And, I feel so much more prepared to embrace it.

Coach’s Advice to Herself and You

So, my advice to all strong, powerful, business women: Make intention to listen to yourself. Take the time you need to regroup your feelings and thoughts so you can seize the opportunities that await you this year. Make time for yourself so you can regain the best parts of who you are. A weekend away may be just the thing you need.

Stephanie Hines