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Mastermind Q&A

What is a Mastermind?

I get asked quite a bit…What is a Mastermind? Who are they for? How do they work?”. Especially recently, the mastermind concept seems to be popping up everywhere.

So, you’re in luck! I am going to give you a sneak peek inside masterminds, from my perspective as a business coach, a mastermind facilitator, and as a member of a mastermind.

This inside scoop from these perspectives will answer the important questions and help you decide if a mastermind is for you!

Mastermind groups are meant to be like a structure or a foundation. And on top of that foundation you start to build what will turn out to be your successful business. To create such a masterpiece you need tools, a strategy, and the help of others. In my Mastermind, the tools will be any questions, comments, or concerns, you might have. The answers simply come from tapping into the wisdom, resources, and assets of your fellow Mastermind members. The strategy will be your goals and ambitions you are looking for, and by the end of my Mastermind, you will see how you achieved those. And of course, with the help and support of others, you will learn how quickly you can build your structure for success. Don’t be afraid to.

ask and seek help!


That answer is simple. ALL OF YOU! A mastermind group is an intimate group of 8-10 like-minded individuals who have similar goals and meet on a regular basis in person to support, discuss, and discover the power of manifesting professional success (or any similar goal or focus)!



You can structure yours to meet weekly for an hour or I structure mine for 90 minutes each and hold them on a monthly basis. (I have found these to receive the best results.) In order to stay focused, start and finish on time you will need an agenda. Structure your agenda to include the following:

  • Share Celebrations and Wins
  • What Is So for Each Member and Sticking Points: Each member updates the group on where they are with their goals and if they have anything they are stuck on that they need the support of the group to breakthrough.
  • Hot Seat: Each member has an opportunity at least once to sit in the “Hot Seat” to share an opportunity or challenge they have and seek support and feedback from the group. Typically hotseats run about 20 minutes so depending on the length of your mastermind you could fit 1-2 people a session. (Everyone can experience breakthroughs and benefit from this discussion transformation happens in the hot seat if done properly.)
  • Inspired Action: Each member shares the inspired actions they will take between sessions to create accountability and take them closer to achieving their goals.


You can start today in forming your own mastermind. If you want the opportunity of joining one of mine, I will start accepting applications as soon as RIGHT NOW! (If you liked what you read thus far, then you can apply by clicking right here

Every mastermind is structured differently. You can have it meet for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. Depending on the purpose of your mastermind.mastermind, what is a mastermind, mastermind members, mastermind facilitator, mastermind groups, mastermind programs, masterminding, benefits of a mastermind, powerful masterminds

My mastermind programs run either 6 or 12 months. Not only do we meet monthly but I also include a private online community and a private dinner celebration (because I believe my mastermind members deserve it!).

I didn’t mention an important part of Mastermind (how silly of me!).

A KEY COMPONENT of a successful Mastermind Group is the FACILITATOR.

The duties as a facilitator are to keep the energy moving and keep everyone committed and engaged. They need to be asking questions of value like: What are you getting from the meetings? Are you walking away with something from the group? How can we support you so you can? wait to arrive to the next meeting? All of these questions helps the facilitator to understand your experience and that you’re getting the most out of it!

POP QUIZ! Does anyone know who that facilitator is in my masterminds? Anyone who guessed me is, Correct! And as a facilitator being a professional business coach is a huge benefit to my mastermind members. I really know how to dig deep and ask those thought provoking questions to get to the heart of problems and the right strategies and tools for my members. I ABSOLUTELY love facilitating masterminds!

After all this reading and excitement, I bring you:


  • Sacred space- A safe place to share your fears and success
  • Support System
  • Time to work on your business, not in your business
  • Accountability
  • Implementation
  • No more doing it alone: You’ll have your own board of directors¬†
  • Growth both personally and professionally

Okay I promise, I’m wrapping this up! But before I send you on your merry way, I want to leave you with a vision and quote about the Power of Masterminding:

No two minds ever come together without a third invisible force, which may be liked to a third mind. When a group of individual minds are coordinated and function in harmony, the increased energy created through that alliance becomes available to every individual in the group.

If you were shaking your head “YES” to everything you just read, then it seems like you will be a perfect fit to start or join an existing Mastermind! Help Is Here

Whether you decide to start your own or join one (my personal invitation still stands), just make a promise to yourself to take action today if you are looking for Answers, Ideas, Inspiration, Clarity, Unlimited Possibilities and MORE!

Welcome to the beginning of the wonderful journey of Masterminding.

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xoxo Stephanie